In memory of Mom

23 June 1952 – 5 December 2011


You were always the better baker.


Baking will be suspended indefintely. Thank you for your support these past years. Your orders have given Mom and I the most wonderful way to spend time together — baking, going for classes, shopping for baking-related stuff, and of course bickering about the best way to level a cake.Those were fun times. Mainly because Mom was a delinquent who always whispered too loudly in class. And partly because I was a design snob who liked to laugh at her cakes, giving them all kinds of nicknames.


Baked Ideas has given me the chance to be part of many happy occasions and a chance to see first-hand how sweet people can be. I'm constantly surprised at the number of people who want to surprise other people with a box of cupcakes. Especially this old couple who keeps trying to one-up each other. It has been the nicest kind of eye-opening for a cynic like me. Thanks for being such incredibly nice people!


It's time to move on now or at least take a very long break. But I definitely hope to hear from all of you again, whether it's baking-related or otherwise. I have lots of baking supplies to liquidate (boxes, decorations, tools!) so if you're interested, do email me.


The site will be left up as a gallery and an archive.



With much love,

See you when I see you,